Vienna - Salzburg High Performance Railway Line,
Reconstruction of the Railway Station Amstetten

Client: Austrian Railways Infrastructure AG
Development Period: since 2008

the Project

In the course of the development of the Vienna - Salzburg four-track high-performance railway line, the eastern gateway into the railway station Amstetten is adapted over a length of 3.4 km.
Besides the adding of two tracks and the corresponding drainage works, three new bridges and one brook passage have to be rebuilt.

our function

For this project, BGG Consult covers the  matters of geotechnics and hydrogeology during the whole planning and implementation phases.
Based on the results of a subsoil exploration campaign, surveys on site and information from government authorities,  Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Expert's Reports were compiled for the environmental assessment procedure, the railway permission procedure, the procedure pertaining the water law and for the tendering of the different contract sections.
During tendering and construction, the planning and dimensioning of the construction pit securing measures was done besides an expert's monitoring.  Furthermore, the hydrogeological preservation of evidence is performed.

Building Pit Securing Reich Bridge:
The new Reich Bridge will be established directly beside the existing structure. In the area of the abutments, building pit securing measures with heights of up to 14 m are necessary for the construction of the pile grillage. These are carried out in form of sheet pile walls with up to three anchor levels (pile length max. 18 m). The anchoring is done against counter sheet piles on the one hand, and by prestressed anchors into the underground on the other hand.

October 2012

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