our services include

Site Investigations

Field surveying and mapping; planning, tendering, supervision, and evaluation of direct and indirect site exploration techniques.

Ground Model Assessments

Evaluation, interpretation and presentation of data from site investigations; geotechnical and geomechanical models; numerical modelling.

Soil Engineering Analyses

Stability analyses; design of retaining structures, surface excavations, landslide mitigation and slope protection.

Hydrogeological and Hydraulic Analyses

Design of groundwater lowering and compensation networks, pumping well design; identification of potential hazards, groundwater flow simulations.

Construction management for earthworks, tunnels, shafts and landfills

Geological and hydrogeological documentation, evaluation of technical measurements, geotechnical and hydrogeological consulting.

Hydrogeological Resource Evaluations (quantitative and qualitative)

Establishment of water uses, long term monitoring systems design, concepts for alternative water supplies, measurement work.

Geotechnical Measurements

Dynamic load plate tests, inclinometer measurements (horizontal to vertical), settlement measurements in the borehole, vibration measurements (surface and borehole)

Expertise and Reports

Processing and analyses of geotechnical, geological and hydrogeological issues.