Lidl Food Stores,
Vienna/Lower Austria/Burgenland

Client: LIDL Austria GmbH
Development Period: since 2/2015

the Project

The food store chain LIDL is continuing to extend its branch network in eastern Austria. For this, the development potential of various sites have to be investigated with regard to their geotechnical and soil chemical suitability.  
The structures to be built are mostly single-storeyed without basement. Due to the wide spans, high loads have to be transferred into single foundations, despite the relatively low building heights.
Since the beginning of 2015, BGG Consult attended to 18 of such objects.

our function

Together with a partner who is dealing with the expertise of soil chemistry and drainage, BGG Consult has been commissiond with the geotechnical ground investigation and the compilation of geotechnical expert's reports. For this, subsoil investigations like core drillings, dynamic probings, percussion core probings and trial pits are continuously carried out at the different locations. The explorations are determined and supervised in cooperation with the person in charge of the soil chemistry.

One-stop underground investigation:
The handling of all matters concerning the building ground (warfare material clearance, geotechnics, soil chemistry, dewatering) is awarded as a complete packet. Because of the well-rehearsed team of the involved companies, synergy-effects can be used and processes optimized. By this, high-quality products can be delivered at a low cost level in a shortest possible time with a minimal administrative effort for the client.

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