Residential Building
Dresdner Road 28, 1200 Vienna

Client: BEMA Invest GmbH
Development Period: 2018 to 2021

the Project

The objective residential building at the Dresdner Road 28 in the 20th Viennese city district comprises three eight-storeyed structures with layout sizes of 60 m x 17 m (Building A), 36 m x 10 m (Building B) und 75 m x 8 m (Building C). A common basement covers almost the whole plot area.
The foundation is done by a bottom plate.
In some areas, the new building borders to existing buildings without basement.
Most of the precipitation water is being transferred to the ground water body by means of seepage shafts.

our function

BGG Consult was first commissioned with the preparation of a geotechnical expert's report, an inspection report regarding the soil chemistry, a seepage concept and a concept for the building pit support system with a preliminary calculation, inclusive all the required  exploratory works. These comprised percussion core drillings and dynamic probings, soil chemical analyses and a groundwater analysis.
During construction, the task of the geotechnical supervisor on behalf of the government authority was fulfilled.

One-Stop Services Regarding the Underground:
Beside the geotechnical expertise for the expert's report, the scope of work included a concept for the building pit support system and a seepage concept, as well as the underground exploration works, the required warfare material detection and the laboratory analyses. Thus, BGG Consult held full responsibility for the reconcilement of many aspects of the work processes and the coordination of the sub-contractors. This facilitated synergies and relieved the client from time-consuming administrative efforts.

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