White-water couse Danube Island, Vienna

Client: PCD ZT-GmbH, Vienna
Development Period: 2011 to 2013

the Project

On the Viennese Danube Island close to the Steinsporn bridge, a white-water course, the so-called VERBUND-Watersports Arena, has been built.
The 250 m long competition route holds a width between 8 m and 12.5 m and meets international competition standards. It can also be used for special disciplines.
The level difference between the starting and ending basin is 4.5 m. The white-water channel is charged by pumps with a water flow of up to 12 m³/s. A 40 m long conveyor belt brings the boats from the ending basin to the starting basin.

our function

BGG Consult was commissioned for this project with the handling of the geotechnical expertise.
Based on the results of core drillings, dynamic probings and exploratory pits, a geotechnical expert's report was prepared for the permission documents.  
During construction, the project was attended to in the field of geotechnics.

Optimisation Soil Improvement:
In the project area, the shallow ground consists locally of artificial deposits from the time of the construction of the Danube Island and partly of natural ground in form of fine-grained floodplain deposits.
Over large parts of the structure, a soil replacement with a thickness of up to
1.0 m was necessary. Due to an intensive supervision of the construction, these exchange measures could be reduced to the absolutely necessary minimum.

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