Road Bypass Mistelbach

Client: Provincial Government of Lower Austria / Consortium Mercurius II
Development Period: since 2005

the Project

The bypass Mistelbach comprises a 15 km long new two-lane road. It will relieve the towns and villages Mistelbach, Paasdorf and Hüttendorf from through traffic.
The project includes 32 bridge structures. In four cases, railway lines have to be crossed.
The earthworks amount to an excavation of 750.000 m³ and embankment fills of 450.000 m³.


BGG Consult has been commissioned by the Provincial Government of Lower Austria in the context of the permission procedure (inclusive EIA) with the processing of the fields of geology, geotechnics, hydrogeology and abandoned waste sites. Based on the information from 51 bore holes, 66 dynamic probings, 31 exploratory pits, soil mechanical laboratory tests as well as extensive enquiries with public authorities, expert's reports for the submission documents have been prepared.
During construction (conducted as a public-private-partnership project (PPP)), the works are attended to with regard to the respective subjects. Furthermore, a supervision of the requirements pertaining the water rights as well as the hydrogeological preservation of evidence are carried out.

Supervision pertaining Water Rights:
Beside the geotechnical and hydrogeological attendance, BGG Consult has been put in charge of the supervision pertaining water rights. For this project, the protection of the surface water bodies is of special importance. In this context, attention has to be given to a compliant construction of the dewatering and water protecting facilities on the one hand, and to the avoidance of contaminant inputs from the construction process on the other hand. Additionally, a permanently sufficient floodwater runoff area has to be safeguarded for the brooks, despite the temporary crossings of construction roads.

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