Headquarters of AUSTRO CONTROL, Schnirchgasse 11, Vienna

Client: AUSTRO CONTROL Society for Civil Aviation mbH, Vienna
Development Period: since 09/2016

the Project

The AUSTRO CONTROL Austrian Society for Civil Aviation mbH is building its new headquarters at Schnirchgasse 11 in the 3rd district of Vienna.
The high-rise tower with 40 storeys holds a height of up to 136 m and a ground layout of a rhomboid with side lengths of 30 m. The four underground floors cover almost the whole premises and reach down to 15 m below the actual top ground surface.

our function

For this project, BGG Consult is commissioned with the compilation of an expert's report with regard to geotechnics for the submission and tender documents, with a concept for the seepage of water during construction and during operation of the building and with the dimensioning of the construction pit protection system. Furthermore, the submission of the water lowering measures with regard to laws pertaining to water and waterways as well as settlement calculations were handled.
For the subsoil exploration, three core drillings with depths of up to 60 m and seven dynamic probings were planned, supervised and evaluated in addition to the existing subsoil profiles from the Viennese public register. Furthermore, soil mechanical laboratory tests were carried out.

Vicinity to the Main Sewer of the Viennese Municipality:
The planned high-rise building is situated in the immediate vicinity of the main sewer of the municipality of Vienna. Since this structure is highly sensitive to settlements, extensive analyses were conducted with regard to the settlement behaviour of the canal, resulting from the new project. For this, a 3-dimensional modelling with the finite element method was applied.
Based on the calculation results, special measures for the minimisation of the settlements in form of an underpinning by means of a soil stabilisation (jet-grouting) were proposed.

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