New Building of the German Embassy, Vienna

Client: Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Germany
Development Period: since 4/2017

the Project

The former building of the German embassy, built in 1965, is being replaced by a new construction.
The design of the winning project from an architecture competition by the architecture office Schulz & Schulz consists of the Bilateral Office, the OSZE Agency and the Residential Building. It comprises up to four upper floors and a partial basement.
The ground-plan dimensions are 66 m x 40 m and the integration below ground level is up to 5.6 m.

our function

BGG Consult was assigned for this project first with the geotechnical investigation of the underground and the preparation of a Geotechnical Report in the course of the permission procedure. For the establishment of the underground situation, several exploratory pits and dynamic probings were carried out. During construction, the agenda of the geotechnical inspection engineer, stipulated by the authorities, is administrated in form of a supervision of the construction pit protection and the foundation measures.

Protection of the Existing Buildings / Palisade Wall:
At the northern side of the plot, the planned embassy structure borders directly to several existing buildings. For the clarification of the foundation of these buildings and the determination of a possibly required underpinning, several inclined core drillings through the brickwork were conducted.
Also, an existing palisade wall with a height of over 10 m, which was braced by the old construction, had to be secured. After establishing the foundation situation by exploratory pits, several variants for the stabilisation of the palisade wall were worked out and examined based on calculations.

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