Client: Siemens AG Austria
Development Period: 2007 to 2010

the Project

Siemens AG Austria, the biggest employer in Austria, centralized all the company's departments in one location at the headquarters. These departments were formerly scattered all over Vienna. For this purpose, Siemens in Vienna is now providing a centralized workspace for 10,000 employees.
The winning project from the architects SOYKA/SILBER/SOYKA constitutes a tower situated on a spacious plaza close to the "Siemensstraße" municipal railway station. The outline of the tower is u-shaped with a base area of 70 m x 40 m and a height of 47 m. Furthermore, an elliptic forum with an extension of 60 m x 40 m and a height of 23 m is established. Additional office buildings were constructed.
All structures contain an underground floor.

our function

The first task of BGG Consult in this project was to compile a geotechnical expert's report needed for the application of the building permit. This also included the planning, execution and evaluation of subsoil exploration, as well as laboratory tests regarding the soil mechanics and the chemistry.
Based on that, concept designs were devised for the foundation of each structure, depending on the loads and foundation levels. During the construction phase, BGG Consult provided geotechnical consultation.

One-stop subsoil exploration:
The client commissioned that the subsoil exploration services be provided as one package. This included the drillings, dynamic probing, digging of trial pits, the laboratory tests, and finally, the consultation and evaluation of the field data.
Due to a long-standing and close cooperation with exploration companies and laboratories, a technically accurate and cost-effective service could be provided, requiring minimal administrative efforts from the side of the client.

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