Wolfsberg Regional Hospital,
Construction of Several Complexes

Client: Hospital Operation Incorporation
Development Period: 2003 to 2008

the Project

The hospital, which exists since 1881, is an important cornerstone for the health care in the provincial state of Carinthia. With the new structures for the geriatric medicine and the lymph department, as well as an addition to an existing building, the facilities were substantially developed whithin the last decade.
The new building for the geriatric medicine encompasses an area of 80 m x 20 m. The lymph department is housed in two complexes (80 m x 30 m and 40 m x 20 m). Both structures feature 3 levels above ground and one basement level.

our function

BGG Consult has been comissioned for the respective projects with geotechnical consulting during the planning and building phase. ln the course of this, subsoil investigation works in form of core drillings, dynamic probings and exploratory pits were implemented. Subsequently, expert’s reports on the soil and geotechnics were compiled.
During construction, the relevant works were accompanied with regard to geotechnics. This included, among other things, the determination of soil exchange and dewatering measures, and the evaluation of construction alternatives with regard to the necessary soil improvement.

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