Wind Farm Dürnkrut-Götzendorf

Client: SIMONSFELD AG / WEB Windenergie AG
Development Period: 8/2011 to 7/2012

the Project

In the course of this project, ten wind power stations were established within the municipalities Dürnkrut and Götzendorf in the provincial state of Lower Austria.
Each wind turbine is equipped for a nominal power of 2 MW and features a hub height of 100 m and a rotor diameter of 90 m.

our function

BGG Consult conducted for this project the geotechnical exploration which resulted in geotechnical expert's reports. For the evaluation of the underground situation, a core drilling and either a dynamic probing or a cone penetration test were conducted at the location of each turbine. Furthermore, the dynamic soil parameters were established by seismic refraction surveys.
Additionally, the foundation works were supervised from a geotechnical perspective.

Foundation Method:
Because of the explored cover layer with soft consistency or loose density down to a depth between 8 m and 15 m, a shallow foundation of these highly sensitive installations had to be excluded from the beginning.
In our expert's report, we proposed alternative deep foundation methods.
After the evaluation of a pile loading test, cast-in-place concrete driven piles
(Ø 55 cm) with toe bell were carried out at all locations.

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