Technology Centre Aspern IQ

Client: Vienna Business Agency
Development Period: 6/2010 to 7/2010

the Project

The Technology Centre Aspern IQ (Innovation Quarters) is the first superstructure of the new Viennese urban expansion project "Seestadt Aspern".
The project comprises two complexes with each dimensions of 50 m x 20 m and heights of 23 m and 12 m respectively. The floor space totals 6.600 m².
One underground parking level expands over 50 m x 50 m.

Our Function

BGG Consult has been commissioned for this project with the compilation of a geotechnical expertise, including the subsoil exploration works. Based on existing drilling results in the vicinity, the relevant underground information could be obtained by means of dynamic probings and exploratory pits. The exploratory pits served at the same time for the recovery of soil samples for chemical analyses and for seepage tests in order to determine the hydraulic conductivity of the subsoil.

Shallow Foundation:
Based on the exploration results, a soil improvement by means of vibro-compaction, which usually is necessary in this area, could be omitted and a shallow foundation implemented. With this, a namable cost reduction was achieved for the client.

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