Austrian Railways Cargo Centre Vienna South

Client: Austrian Railways Infrastructure AG
Development Period: since 2010

the Project

In the course of the centralization of the  goods handling in Vienna, a multi-functional cargo centre is currently being established in the southern part of the city. This infrastructure installation allows for travel time optimization and increases the handling capacity of the goods traffic.
The construction site with an area of 55 ha comprises 17 km of railroad tracks, 60 switches, storage space and roads.
Furthermore, the project includes a superstructure along the existing S1 Vienna Außenring Motorway with a length of 240 m, a motorway interchange with a bridge structure as well as several buildings.
The earthworks amount to mass movements in the range of 1.1 mio. cubic metres.


BGG Consult oversees the actual project in the fields of geotechnics and hydrogeology since the beginning of the planning process for the environmental impact analysis. For previous project variants, consultancy work has been done already since 1994.
Based on the results of core drillings, dynamic probings and exploratory pits, an expert's report for the topics geology, geotechnics, hydrogeology and abandoned waste sites was compiled for the environmental impact study.
In preparation of the construction tenders, four geotechnical expert's reports relating specifically to the contract sections have been worked out.
During construction, the works are supervised from a geotechnical point of view. Also, a hydrogeological preservation of evidence is carried out.

Balanced Earthworks, Soil Stabilization:
Since, for the whole facility, almost no longitudinal gradient is allowed, embankments are necessary in the northern area and cuts in the southern area. For ecological and economical reasons, an effort is made to use all the excavated masses as embankment fill. The excavated material consists mostly of loess or stiff clay, i.e. initially unsuitable fill material. Hence, the material has to be stabilized almost entirely. The intensive geotechnical supervision is contributing significantly to the optimization of the necessary binder amount and binder content.

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