Bleiburg - Innichen Railway Line, Remodelling Lienz Station

Client: Austrian Railways Infrastructure AG
Development Period: 2017 to 2020

the Project

Along the railway line  Bleiburg - Innichen, the station Lienz (East Tyrol), existing for already 150 years, has been thoroughly modernised. The refurbishment comprised, besides a barrier-free platform access and a park-and-ride system, a new pedestrian and bicycle  underpass and an access road to the station from the south across a new Drau bridge.

our function

For this project, BGG Consult has been put in charge of the geotechnical consulting in all planning and building phases. For this purpose, subsoil exploration works in form of core drillings, dynamic probings, exploratory pits as well as soil mechanical analyses have been planned, supervised and evaluated initially. Based on the results, geotechnical expert's reports have been prepared for the three building sections. Subsequently, our office accompanied the tender and construction design. During construction, a supervision in the related fields was implemented.

Construction pit support system and foundation of auxiliary bridges:
Even though well bearing gravel material with a good drivability exists already from a small depth, the construction pit walls and the foundations for the auxiliary bridges in the southern section had to be prepared by the more cost-intensive jet grouting. This resulted from the fact, that the access across numerous rail tracks and overhead contact lines with large special heavy construction gear was not possible. In the northern section, the support system was done with sheet piles and small diameter piles. Furthermore, parts of the adjacent railway building had to be underpinned for several metres by means of jet grouting.
A qualified participation of the expert in the field of geotechnics has been essential in this project, especially for an economic and correct implementation of the jet grouting.

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