Vienna - Salzburg High Performance Railway Line, Steindorf - Neumarkt-Köstendorf Reconstruction

Client: Austrian Railways Infrastructure AG
Development Period: since 2015

the Project

In order to increase the attractiveness of the local traffic in the greater Salzburg area and in order to bring the railway stations up to the current standard of passenger traffic, the following measures are to be taken at the Western Railway Line in the area of the branch-off towards Braunau:

  • Reconstruction of the station Steindorf near Straßwalchen with a new island platform and a pedestrian tunnel
  • Reconstructin of the stop Neumarkt-Köstendorf with a new island platform, a new side platform and a pedestrian tunnel
  • Addition of a track for local traffic at the Western Railway line between the two stations (length 2 km) with the related enlargements of bridges
  • New constructin of the railway bridge across the Bahnhof Street in Steindorf near Straßwalchen
  • Noise protection measures
  • Drainage systems
our function

For this project, BGG Consult has first worked out the expert's report in the field of geology, geotechnics, hydrogeology and contaminated sites for the railway permission procedure with environmental impact assessment. For this, underground explorations in form of core drillings, dynamic probings, exploratory pits and seepage tests have been planned, supervised and evaluated. In the course of the ongoing project, a Geotechnical Expert's Report for the building tender has been prepared, based on additional ground investigations.
During construction, an expert's supervision on site is carried out.

Temporary Construction Pit Support System Pedestrian Tunnels:
At the new pedestrian tunnels of the stations Steindorf near Straßwalchen and Neumarkt-Köstendorf, fluvioglacial sediments exist at foundation level or slightly below. Due to boulder and conglomerated inclusions, these sediments have been characterised as non-drivable for sheet piles. Therefore, a construction pit support system with only 4.5 m deep, multi-anchored sheet pile walls has been chosen. The deeper reaching pit areas will be secured with an anchored shotcrete wall (gradient 5:1). This system came out as most economic and most favoured with regards to the construction progress. It has the advantage of the least disturbance of the railway operation during construction. Furthermore, the required structure for the temporary access to the platforms can be easily fixed to the sheet pile walls.

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