A 23 Südosttangente Vienna Motorway,
General Renewal of the Elevated St. Marx Section

Client: ASFINAG (Motorway Financing AG)
Development Period: since 02/2019

the Project

After 40 years of heaviest traffic load, the 3 km long elevated St. Marx section is being renewed.
Within the reach of the project, two exits with ten access ramps and 32 bridges are located, besides 15 ha of road surface.
The traffic for the approx. 200.000 daily passing vehicles must be kept up without interruption. Only five ramps have to be closed for a short time.

our function

BGG Consult is commissioned for this project with the geotechnical supervision of the construction work. This comprises the checking of the geotechnically relevant plans, the evaluation of the special heavy construction measures and the comparison of the encountered underground situation with the predicted one in the Geotechnical Expert's Report.
In this connection, among others, the contact surfaces of the foundations have to be approved and pile drillings examined.
In addition, auxiliary foundations for falseworks are dimensioned.

Placement of Crane for the Removal of a Bridge:
In the course of the retreat work of the ramps at the exit Arsenal (closed exit Simmering), an existing bridge across the main motorway has to be removed as a whole. For this, a heavy duty mobile crane with a total capacity of 1600 t is used. In order to prepare a sufficiently bearable manipulation area, massive earthwork measures are necessary. For a safe operation of the crane, the geotechnical calculations and definitions on site are of high relevance.

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