Administration Complex Doppelmayr, Wolfurt

Client: DOPPELMAYR Immobilien GmbH, Wolfurt
Development Period: since 2/2014

the Project

The worlds market leader in cable cars, located in the Provincial State of Vorarlberg, is building a new administration complex in the compound of its headquarters in Wolfurt.
The six-storey building holds a layout size of 123 m x 39 m and a maximum height of 29 m. An underground floor  covers an area of 137 m x 64 m. Locally, a second basement floor is planned.

Our Function

BGG Consult is commissioned for this project with the geotechnical consultancy during the permission phase and during construction.
Based on results of core drillings from neighbouring projects, supplementary dynamic probings and exploratory pits, a geotechnical expert's report has been prepared as part of the submission documents.
During construction, the underground construction work is supervised with regard to geotechnics.

In the area of the project, organic soil with extremely unfavourable bearing capacity and deformation behaviour exists below shallow artificial deposits. This material reaches down to a depth of 13 m. Additionally, the ground water level is situated close to the ground surface. In consideration of this situation, a deep foundation in the mixed-grained soil layer, underlaying the organic stratum, was necessary.
For the foundation, continuous flight auger (CFA) piles with diameters of
65 cm have been implemented. The building pit is protected by means of a single-achored sheet pile wall.

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