Vienna - Salzburg high performance
railway line, Marchtrenk - Wels section

Client: Austrian Railways Infrastructure AG
Development Period: since 2014

the Project

In the course of the development of the Western Railway Line into a four-track high performance line, the 6 km long section between Marchtrenk and Wels will be renewed. In addition to the new construction of all four rail tracks, three bridges across the A 25 Motorway and one railway overpass will be newly built and four underpasses renewed or extended. The project includes also the new railway station Marchtrenk with a pedestrian passage. Along the whole section, noise protection walls are planned.

our function

BGG Consult attends to this project in the fields of geotechnics, geology and hydrogeology since the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure. For this, the expert's report Hydrogeology and Geotechnics has been worked out first, based on several underground investigation campaigns. Subsequently, Geotechnical Expert's Reports for the different contract sections were prepared.
During detail planning and construction, a supervision on site, the evaluation of the design from a geotechnical point of view and calculations of retaining structures and construction pit support systems are performed.

Bridges across the Motorway A 25:
At the crossing of the A 25 Motorway, three bridges, each for two tracks, have to be built. One existing four-span bridge will be replaced by a single-span arch bridge resulting in a span length of 90 m. The two remaining bridges hold four spans. Because of the high loads and the limited operating space, deep foundations with cast-in-place concrete bored piles are planned generally.

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